Friday, 28 October 2011

What do you buy the Aston Martin owning guitarist?

Now I'm sure this has been a problem for many of you over the years.  Well we know have the solution.

Aston Martin guitars and amps!!!

Inspired by the Gibson Corvette guitar (Yuk!) and the Fender Jaguar Strat these are now available for order.

The guitar is a high tech carbon fibre affair made by Status.

Love the logo between the pickups and the Aston style "vent" on the upper bout, although I wonder if any punks out there might find that injury inducing as they thrash windmill style around.  Punks playing this... maybe not.

Anyway so you've got the DB9, Vantage or what ever and your beloved has bought you the guitar.  You can't possibly just plug it into any old amp can you?  No of course not.  Enter the Aston Martin amp

I love how this looks - the grill has real 1960s DB4 look about it.

More info at Aston Martins guitar and amp site.

Now for the painful bit...

The guitar is £5,995 and the amp is £7,995!!  Available from World Guitars if your bank balance can stomach it.   Just one thing, would both these fit in the boot of an Aston?  How rubbish would that look scratching you DB9 fighting to get these off the back seats!


  1. Wow! My heart started racing when I began reading this post. This is pretty crazy exciting news. I love this guitars look. What a concept of Aston martin. the James bon guitar you might say! Thanks!

  2. HAH! you remind me of a friend of mine who loves the curves and lines of the guitars he makes as much as the woman's he loves!