Sunday, 16 October 2011

Champions decided

It is the end of the motorsport seasons... so we know Vettel is now the youngest ever double world champion, his dominant win at Korea is another in his remarkable year.  Will he rewrite all the record books?  Possibly the way he is going.

MotoGP wrapped up in Australia aptly enough with Cassey Stoner fully deserving his second world crown - he has been slightly Vettel like on his Honda whilst Rossi has struggled to get around with the Ducati, which whilst Cassey didn't win the championship on it last year, he at least was in the hunt.  Rossi unfortunately fell off again today in the nasty Philip Island conditions.  I wonder if he is thinking "Maybe I should have walked away from this before now?"  Next year will show the man.

Nearer home Matt Neal won the BTCC crown in the last meeting which was not really that exciting as Plato couldn't challenge on a circuit where the outright speed of the turbo powered cars showed.  However it was a see-saw year in that championship and if it had rained today in Nottinghamshire you never know...

However to cap them all so far was the deciding round of the BSB last week at Brands.  Last race, last lap and Tommy Hill (local town hero) and John Hopkins (USA ex-MotoGP star who has had a chqeuered past and is rebuilding his career) go into it second and third separated by 2 points at the head of the table.  Whoever crossed the line first won all.  They overtook at pretty much every corner you can, Hill's slide into Sheene (old Dingle Dell) was frankly unbelievable!  Then Hopkins was back past going into the last corner but went slightly wide and Tommy was on him as they swept up the straight to the line and they crossed... with Tommy just in front the margin officially 6 one thousands of a second.  Unbelievable.  Great for Tommy for his first title but you had to feel for Hopkins he raced hard and fair with a bad injury picked up a month or so back but no excuses from him.

What a shame that you have to watch it either on Eurosport or wait like I do for the highlights on ITV4 later in the week.  We have some great motorsport in this country it is sadly not given the level of TV coverage I feel it warrants.

Watch this!

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  1. I saw Mansell win at Estoril, Portugal, one year - what an atmosphere! We celebrated all through the night.