Thursday, 27 October 2011

RIP Amy Winehouse

So now we know.

The verdict of "misadventure" brings a close this sad story.  "Misadventure" - sounds almost a playful word, a lark, mucking about and something went wrong.  Drinking yourself to death is not just mucking about that went wrong.

The official level of alcohol in her body was 416mg per 100ml.  Apparently 350mg per 100ml can be considered likely to bring on fatal consequences.  The drink drive limit is 80mg.

I dread to think what levels were in my system at times - especially towards the end.  I was barred from a pub for life in the last few weeks since I was drinking pints of Guinness faster than they could be poured.  I know one day I gave up counting at 20 pints - got off the stool and drove home!  Utterly ridiculous -  somehow I never killed myself or others.

The story of Amy having been abstinent for a while then picking up again isn't novel either.  I hear this time and again in the rooms of AA.  I myself stopped for about 6 weeks at one point in the last year of my drinking.  But of course then the voice said "So you must be cured now" and I had a pint.  Nothing bad happened, so I had another and another and another... Everytime in that last year when I did stop for a few days/weeks when I started again soon it was back as bad, in fact actually worse, than before.

RIP Amy - all I can really say is "There but for the grace of God (who I don't actually believe in by the way but it is a figure of speech) go I"


  1. Good for you for getting and staying sober so you don't end up like her. :-)

  2. Here here... I never criticise heavy drinkers for their drinking consumption , only for their behaviour, when they start acting arsey, something I've done, and continue to do, when I think I'm fine, just relaxed and open. Problem is, I *love* drinking. I don't drink 20 pints a day, but it's a bit.

    When I look at tramps in the street, I think "I'm a millimetre away from being you."

  3. I know that you know. As for you, I have nothing but admiration. You're a star. P :-)