Monday, 17 October 2011

Sad news

My post about champions is more poignant than ever in the cold light this morning.  I had half thought of holding on hoping to be able to report another British Champion - name Dario Franchitti as Indycar champ for the fourth time.  Whilst he is champion the manner of the last race leaves all that in the shade.  The terrible loss of Dan Wheldon another great British driver who had conquered America was just so so sad.

Motorsport is dangerous.  I watched the movie Senna over the weekend and was in tears around the final few mins when they covered that awful weekend in 1994 when he and Roland Ratzenberger lost their lives - motorsport is much safer now than then but it is still dangerous.

Dan Wheldon was a great driver, sadly not with a regular drive this year which for a past champion was mad frankly.  He turned out once this year at the Indy 500 and won!  Shows the quality of the man without doubt.

A sad loss and over shadows motorsport...


  1. I hear he leaves a wife and two young sons behind, my thoughts are with them.

    The annual TT bike races over here, sees it's own fair share of carnage - not one year has gone by in my tens years on this island, without t least one rider losing his life. Tragic.

  2. I was at Fontana Speedway in October 1999 when I witnessed one of my favorite drivers die much too young during a race. Greg Moore was only 24 when he died in a horrific 200 mph crash, and the silence in a crowd of 90,000 was beyond eerie. It's moments like that that bring home the reality these drivers face when they step into a four wheeled rocket, and why these guys (and some gals) are a different breed from most of us. Dan Wheldon will be missed...

  3. My favorite pic of Greg Moore (flipping off Juan Pablo Montoya at US 500).

  4. Very sad. On CCn over interview with a judge and car race expert from there said how in the 1970s and 1980sthe industry in erope and England started making the tracks safer and no deaths since 1994.

    Here he was saying that in the States the same kinds of adaptations and safety regulations and changes had not occured. So that makes it even sadder in my opinion.

    I hope at the cost of his family and his life at least...this will be a wake up call for racing in the States.