Thursday, 6 October 2011

it can be cruely short

Regular commenter on this blog JohnJayJay posted a comment on my Birthday Post the following wise words

To paraphrase: "Getting older isn't necessarily fun, but it beats the hell out of not getting older...if you know what I mean."   (He quotes his mother as the source btw)

Events in the news over the last two days bring that succinctly into focus.

Steve Jobs founder and CEO of Apple Computers has passed away aged 56.

Graham Dilley ex. Kent and England fast bowler has died aged 52.

Now - both of my generation, Graham Dilley I remember watching back in the early 80s when I went to sample cricket at Canterbury with an old school pal.

Life can be cruely short and makes me realise I should live my life with a bit more happiness, smiles and passion and less frowns, angst and resentment.

Sad too to note that Bert Jansch has passed away.  Davy Graham, John Martyn and now Bert, they may not be names that every household is aware of but their influence in the folk movements of the 60s and 70s cannot be understated.  They have influenced a generation of guitarists and indirectly another generation.  Strikes me that in the last year or so we have lost the vanguard of a great guitar troubadour legacy.


  1. Hard to remember to live for the moment, great thing to do tho', 50's not that far away :-)

  2. Didn't Woody Allen say something similar? Anyway, you are a mere child compared to those of us who will be 60 next year!!!

  3. Very nice tribute. I found myself crying and crying about Steve jobs, it surprised me because it's amazing how someone who brings such light and fun into our lives inventively is such a loss. It's like it seems extra sad when a stand up comic dies too...those who add to our lives seem such a blow even if we don't actually know them.

  4. Life is truly fragile, and only on loan, I always hold my loved ones close. Thoughtful post.

  5. But have you ever noticed truly nasty people seem to live forever? Must be true, only the good die young!