Sunday, 12 December 2010

I am a professional song writer!!!

My statement and royalty cheque from PRS tells me so!

Okay it isn't going to mean I have to contact a wealth management consultant but nothing can better the feeling that I have received money for the songs I have written.

So this ties up this year nicely - last year I'd just started as a solo singer, I have had stuff played on the Internet (thanks Scooter Forums Radio and Dinners!), I've played gigs, I've written and recorded a CDs worth of material, I have sold that CD internationally and now I get royalties.

Shame there are not enough 0s on the amounts I've earned or I could seriously think about not doing a proper job again and living the dream! :-)


  1. Way hey!! Ilove my PRS cheque when it comes. It's never very big....but it's all mine. Well done you!

  2. Well done! This is an excellent achievement. I’m impressed.

    All the best, Boonie