Saturday, 4 December 2010

Guitar comparison and Hughes and Kettner Statesman Dual 6L6 amp demo


So here is a little side by side comparison of three of my guitars.

All through my H&K Statesman Dual 6L6 combo.

There is a Boss Flanger throughout - that is connected via the amps effects send and return in parallel mode which I like as it has the effect colouring not dominating the sound.

In each sound clip is a shortened version of one of my tunes. Starts off on the clean channel with Twang in, then moves to the drive channel, finally the solo is on the drive channel with the boost in.

On the guitars in order the following..

Peter Cook Custom - clean is on the neck pickup then move to the neck for distorted chords and solo
PRS CE22 - position 9 on the selector (Outside coils of both pickups in parallel) for clean bit the position 10 bridge humbucker for the rest
Gordon Smith Graduate 60 - neck pickup with coil tap engaged and then bridge humbucker once drive is selected.

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