Sunday, 5 December 2010

An early Happy Christmas

So to brighten the dark winter we've got the decorations up - much to Daughter-of-Furtheron's liking. She was moaning that we should put them up early, normally we are some point in the middle of December but with the snow and being stuck in etc we did it yesterday - although the snow was thawing quite quickly.

I downloaded Annie Lennox's A Christmas Cornucopia. If you want a new Christmas album I'd recommend this one some great interpretations of many a school hall favourite and I have always loved her voice. Daughter-of-Furtheron has also created a Christmas Playlist in Spotify, I got in with Steeleye Span and Jethro Tull whilst she wasn't looking and we had that playing all afternoon whilst the girls but the tree and the tinsel up.

I've pull out the family old ancient angel chimes to annoy everyone at the dinner table! Just looked blimey they still make very similar ones :-) I've had these since I was a boy, my aunt bought them so they have so much importance to me. For others the tingling of the bells drives them insane! :-)

The snow is a lot better than it has been, especially now I've dug the snow off the road from our house down the slope to the main road we might venture out to pickup my mother-in-law so she can have an afternoon out. We've walked down to her and brought in fresh supplies a couple of times but she has had a hip replacement and has osteoporosis so her walking about in a foot of snow or on ice isn't a good idea.

Bit early I know but given we're in the mood - Happy Christmas to all the readers of this blog.


  1. Happy Christmas to you and the F-rons too matey. Hope next year is a better one for you..

  2. I had one of those angel chimes, given to me by my aunt too. I don't still have mine though.

    I shall try and listen to some of that Annie Lennox music. Or at least snippets as they do on Amazon, to see if it's to my taste.

  3. and a very happy Christmas to you and yours!