Sunday, 3 January 2010

Why I hate South Eastern Trains

We live in a part of the world that must have the most expensive and useless train service.

I've always marvelled at the East Coast and West Coast mainlines when I've used them. Jump on a train in Kings Cross - you get a nice seat and a power supply etc. Just settling into the book and bugger I'm in York or wherever it was I was going to. Cross London and then... hours of hassle with South Eastern.

So they now have the new high speed service - with "bullet" trains. Well if all bullets were like these guns wouldn't be the problem they are. The bloody things go slower than a degenerating old lady with a zimmer frame! My son paid the excess the other day to go "high speed" and arrived 45 mins after if he'd gone the slow route!!

Then cap it all New Year's Day. We had a massive family gathering and my sons girlfriend was travelling from West London to meet us at midday for the meal in Medway. First the tubes were running late. We look out... on no a frost! Only a little one but for South Eastern this was severe weather!!! WHAT!!!! We knew the first train she could get was cancelled. So the poor girl stood on Victoria station for nearly and hour to be told that the all trains were cancelled due to the severe weather!!! WHAT SEVERE WEATHER!!!! She went back home. And get this they refused her a refund which is outrageous as they offered no service. My nephew had the same problem but a taxi was an expensive alternative but they made the meal. Best bit - we have the highest rises in fares because of the investment.

This is the second decade of the 21st Century - it is frankly ludicrous.

Oh yes my brother had to change all his plans for his trip to Belgium over Christmas due to Eurostars problems. Why can's trains just run in Kent it can't be that difficult surely!


  1. As a Californian, let me just say you should be happy to have ANY sort of public transportation. It's impossible to get around here without a car and a great deal of expense. Plus, I loved the fact that on my trip to London I could have a pint or three and not have to "drive" home...and could simply hop on a train. It was brilliant.

  2. Public transport is crap.

    That's why we use our cars.

    Even in a traffic jam you're more comfortable - radio / cds / conversation without having to listen to some obnoxious twat in the background.

    Public transport needs to stop at my front door every ten minutes.

    Then I might...just might...consider it.

    ...a bit....

  3. Poor Yous! The trains have been pretty good thus far in the East fella and I have had no probs travelling through the snowy Penines to each other... In Scandinavia they're so much more prepared for it..I would write a letter about refunding your daughter's ticket and best of luck with it..

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