Friday, 29 January 2010

MRI scan done!

So I'm glad the scan is done. I hate those machines! Firstly I get claustrophobic, just talking about pot holing or things like that make me feel mighty scared. So they lay you down and push you back into this tube that is no bigger than the inside of a Christmas Cracker. My instant reaction is to scream and push the button to ask to come out. This one had a mirror system so you could see the operators who were behind about 2 ft of bullet proof glass and steel doors! However the system sort of makes you think you are standing up if that makes sense. With my balance issues that was something the brain just wouldn't suss at all so I wouldn't look into that.

Then there is the noise - I think having a dustbin on your head and someone smacking it with a baseball bat would be preferable. So they say things like "Right this one takes 5 mins, please try to stay still"... Then this bombardment like being in the trenches starts and the whole machine shakes like it's a Saturn V trying to break the lock of earth's gravity. It stops... "Hello - we'll do that again it's fuzzy, try not to move" GRRRR!

Anyway all done now - hopefully the result will be like the last one... "Nothing found" which of course being it is of my head proved the funniest thing since the dawn of time to my darling wife!

It also doesn't help that my son takes great delight in telling me exactly what these things do to the molecules inside your head - frankly I'd rather not know!

We had to go to my daughters parent evening last night. Comments like "very capable pupil", "Highly intelligent", "More than capable", "imaginative" etc. We clearly are paying her too high an allowance if she can bribe like that! :-)


  1. I dread the thought of ever having to go into one of those machines. Well done for coming out the other end! I'm sure the result will be 'nothing found' again but it must be an anxious time for you. Hope the results come soon.

    Congratulations to Daughter!

  2. They do have open MRI machines for people that are very claustrophobic. I am but went into a closed one because it was a 4 hour one way drive to an open one.I mus be weird tho because I actually slept thru the entire thing!

  3. @punxxi - you slept through it?! How the hell was that possible? You regular sleep with your head in a truck engine bay? :-)