Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pointless things to do on a Sunday Morning

Number 28

Following from Number 27...

Washing the car when it is so cold the water freezes on it and also makes the drive a skating rink and likely to catch the unaware mother-in-law when she comes up for tea!

Also - my outside light... damn thing keeps not working, get up on the ladder unscrew it fiddle a bit and it works again... Grrr! Maybe I should just buy a new one, I noticed one like ours for only £10 in B&Q.

Last thing - printing passport photos out. Became really stressful! Mrs F needs to send her licence back (least said the better) and needed a new photo done what a palaver.


  1. I clean our cars once a year max...always in the summer...if I miss the summer they stay dirty...;-)

    My outside lights packed up I think. I'll check 'em out when it's warm. If it isn't warm nowt outside ever happens!!!

    I've still got a paper licence!!! It's pretty illegible but I've crossed out the points that 'fell off' myself....(and I'm about to be adriving instructor????...oh eck)

  2. My car SOOOO needs a wash but it's too cold right now! I am a whimp!

  3. I hope you made sure your photo filled all the requirements i.e. you have to look like a convict in order to get a passport.