Sunday, 24 January 2010

Big in Yorkshire

According to Four Dinners some of songs are "going down very well in Yorkshire".

Now that is good news but also a bit odd, here's why.

When I was about 10 I was asked to write a story at school. Now I was already music obsessed so no surprise I chose to write about a band who were on a tour in a little old van, I think it broke down and that was the point of the story them being helped to a gig. Okay - so what. The band was called "The Yorkshire Boys" and the story was set in the Yorkshire Dales as we'd visited there on a school trip my first one staying away from home without Mum and Dad.

So when Dinners told me this I was somewhat aghast! Funny how I so vividly remember that nearly 40 years later when I can't remember what I did yesterday at times!

Now do you think this prophetic and that I'll soon be organising a tour of Yorkshire? I doubt it somehow :-)


  1. You wanna bet?...;-)

    Mind you....Alphaville were 'Big In Japan' and look what happened to them! did happen to them?

    I recommend a sheep on your debut album cover...;-)

    I will be there in Feb old bean. Promise. Hopefully Carol too. Jacqui as well even? We'll see.

    Oh might be playing to the entire Dinners clan!!!

    S'ok...Carol and Jacqui are remarkably sane...despite my influence...;-)

  2. Hey, you never know!

    Like your current Grateful List :)

  3. hey you opened and closed his show ya know! it was good stuff,too.