Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Now I used to like to think I was technically savvy and not a Luddite about modern advances but... Is it just normal as you get older to resist change? Is it that change is now so flipping fast no one can keep up?

Anyway I have a new phone... well it's not just a phone it's a BlackBerry. Partly I got it as my boss had a moan I didn't have a company mobile that was on the list to be call in an emergency - I pointed out I had a personal one and that was on the emergency list, but apparently they won't call that in some emergencies only others you need a company one to get all emergencies. Don't you love the nonsense of large corporate policies I wonder where the hell that one came from.

Anyway - now I can do my emails while sitting on the loo. Why? I have no bloody idea! But here is the best bit... Mrs F had to show me how to make a call - simply using it as a phone nearly flummoxed me, then I couldn't get out of keypad locked mode.

Convergence - that is the buzz word on all this. Soon my TV will be my computer and my phone my music player... what the hell is wrong with just one thing doing one thing? Why don't people converge so that the Archbishop of Canterbury is also a striker for Plymouth? Because the bish is good at being a bish and not a footballer. I look in my "tool kit" you know a saw is a saw, a screwdriver is a screwdriver, a chisel is a chisel why didn't craftsmen like my Dad feel a need for convergence?

Grr rant rant... I'm feeling very much "an analog man in a digital age" probably the best quote to come out of the House of Commons in some years.


  1. Husband can get in Minni, with his phone in his pocket, press a button on the steering wheel and ring home! How magic is that?!! Me, I'm still awestruck that i can pick up a phone in Swansea and talk via a wire to someone in Devon.

  2. looking forward to your first 'bog blog' in the near future then Furter!! It'll happen ya'know!


  3. Hee hee, it is a great quote!

    Do you know? I think I'd quite like to do my emails on the loo!!

  4. hahahhahaha!!! Love it!!!

    I got an upgrade after about 4 years. The bloke in the T-Mobile shop thought I was a nutter for waiting so long but I knew and understood my 'brick'

    Jacqui has had to show me how to use my upgrade.

    Bring back carrier pigeons!!!!!

  5. ok...good thats my buzz word this week, convergence...

    saz x

  6. I love my Blackberry~ although I might actually kill for an iphone. I don't know about technology resistance due to age, I love stuff and I am practically old enough to be your mum!Seriously, my oldest kid will be 43 in a few days!! I think you had a better reason for memory gaps . :o)