Friday, 8 January 2010

So like I'm a bit fed up of the snow now...

Schools shut.

AA meetings closed.

Swimming club cancelled.

Can't get to work... so working from home off the dining room table while the rest of the family try to be quite around me when I'm on telephone calls.

Clear the drive and it starts snowing again before I got finished!

Cancelled plan to get son back to university this weekend.

Blah blah!

Still things to be grateful for... I'm warm, have plenty of food, etc. really it is no hardship just pigging annoying.

Hats off to the people who do carry on working, we've had deliveries over the last two days, even if the parcelforce guys had to trudge up the road with my heavy box as they didn't fancy getting stuck in our road. The post man continues as well and Amazon met their next day delivery promise via CityLink.

Not felt brilliantly well this week, the tinnitus and balance issue there again, had a clear day most of yesterday but Tues night, Wed and today have been crap. Hey ho... this will all pass some point.

I was born in 1962 so was a tiny baby in the great freeze of 1963. It snowed on Boxing Day and didn't thaw until March!! The sea froze at Herne Bay! Apparantly my son says that the marina at Aberystwyth has frozen this year and temperatures are near the lowest ever.

Is this the result of Climate Change? Just cos on average the whole world is getting warmer doesn't mean that we might not have winters like this more often than not now?

Some politian said it would need £15m to clear the roads daily in the winter in the South East - businesses are losing £30m a day. So I think to myself surely they and us would pay more tax? He said it's be £60 a year on my council tax bill - that is £5 a month and I pay £130 a month now, frankly little increase it seems to me. But then I suppose at the moment I don't struggle to pay that like others may.


  1. I have photos on my blog a few days ago, of my dad and I walking along the promenade in the bay and a picture of the frozen sea to boot....

    not so lovely here in Cumbria just now, Hub just got in from A meeting and the car reads -14'..holy sheet ice batman!!

  2. Personally I don't see why we should pay a dime for businesses.

    They pay or nobody pays. Donate management bonuses to councils to keep roads clear...that'd work!!!

    Most businesses are refusing to pay anyone who doesn't turn up for work.

    The fact that some would have to, literally, risk their lives to do so merely underlines the shite management in this country.

    Bloody hell! I'm sounding like a Commie!!!!

    Still....90% of management are wankers who couldn't give a fuck about ordinary peeps.

    End of tirade.

    Stay warm old bean...;-)

  3. Herne Bay; It's tough trying to imagine a huge body of moving water that freezes.
    Try using this disruption as relaxing downtime. I actually enjoyed not being able to get into work when we had snow last February. I'm in a position where I can't bring work home with me.

  4. Sorry.

    I LOVE snow storms. I cook and watch movies. But too much is never a good thing either.

    Your post, while about snow, echoes my grateful theme over at The Daily Dandy this weekend.
    We are both channeling our inner "Ricky Bobby"

  5. WE only have half-hearted snow but very cold. Not bad enough to be stuck in and sitting round the fire, but too flipping cold in work!

  6. Bloody sick of it here!!!!!!!!

    (Hope you are feeling a little better?)

  7. So have yourself a good ol' fashioned snowball fight and get out some aggression.

    I miss snowball fights with my Dad.