Monday, 18 January 2010

Happy New New Year

I've decided to restart the year. All the snow and hassle with that, getting to work (or not), schools shut, getting my son back to uni etc, the Haitian earthquake - how horrible is that? How it makes you glad of where you live, by total luck of birth pure and simple isn't it, I'm just damn lucky I was born here in the UK. It reminds you so quickly about the fragility of life and of our society doesn't it. If a quake of that size hit a large conurbation in the the UK would it be much different? Might be easier to mobilise relief from closer quarters but frankly when everything you take for granted, food supply, shelter, warmth, clear water is taken away I think we'd easily find ourselves in a similar position. You feel so helpless don't you? I've made a donation via the DEC website but that seems such a small gesture.

My personal biggest issue at the moment (which is in the grand scheme of the universe a piddling little trifle) is my job. I just loath it. There's no real reason for that other than I've simply run out of steam with my company I think and I just don't seem to be able to re-engage. I'd hoped that coming back to a New Year would be the impetus I needed but sadly not so far, but as I point out there have been some other distractions.

So let's have a New New Year for me.

I need to get off my arse about the job. I have been approached by another company and am exploring that but frankly it's the same type of job... same s**t, different bucket springs to mind. However maybe a change will re-energise me. Alternatively I'm thinking about a career change, I have identified a course I could take and a route into the new career via possibly some voluntary work. However to make that happen I could really do with a large chunk of money... like the redundancy pay that I didn't take last year. I was hoping that that opportunity might re-present itself but that isn't looking likely. Maybe a voluntary redundancy scheme will be offered and I might be able to find an opportunity to move on via that.

One thing I think I need to fly to the USA and have a bit of a frank face to face with my boss about it so he understands where I am and what I am thinking.

2010 will be a good year I'm sure.

Ever onward...


  1. So far, 2010's kicked off much better than 2009 did for me!

    Everything that could go wrong with family and friends did. Everyone was sick. Couples split. Money and the economy... let's not go there!

    I'm maintaining a cautious optimism about 2010. I want it to be a good year. I need it to be a good year!

    Just got around to bashing the jungle drums with a view to getting the band back in rehearsals this year. Fingers crossed it'll take off!

  2. Think hard about the US Trip to discuss before you leap! Think back to the inadvertent blog post of a year or so ago! However if you really want to set up the redundancy, maybe that's the way to set it up

  3. 2009 was awful in som many ways - I'm not sorry to see the back of it. Isn't it around this time we're due for Blue Monday - when people feel at their glummest

  4. "I'm just damn lucky I was born here in the UK."

    Have you seen the latest weather forecast from the Met Office?
    Severe blizzards due to hit the Gillingham area very soon...

  5. "blue Monday" was yesterday... and I can understand why too. You'd think it would be the first week back at work after Christmas, but it's actually spot on, just back into the swing of it again... same old same old...

    Good luck with your future plans, I admire that.


  6. OMG I am feeling so fucking burned out. You sound like ME!!

    May I join you in this renewal?? It's just not starting out great--yet. Could it possibly???

    Ever onward indeed...

  7. You can train as a driving instructor and, inside 16 weeks, be on easily 30k net.

    Just a thought.

    Working for me anyroad.

    I'm now my own boss after 10 years of working for a company who hated me cause I was a bloody good union rep!!

    Mind years pay talks may be interesting....;-)

  8. *rolls eyes* .... I did say this some time ago... erm music, playing, writing, teaching... also said councelling work...

  9. It's not a piddling little trifle. Your work not only occupies a large part of your time, it's inevitably part of what you are. So it's reasonable for your discontent there to affect your wellbeing. Let's hope they do another redundancy scheme. This time we'll tell you to take it!