Friday, 29 January 2010

How rich am I!

I was studying the summary of the governments inequality report that was reported in the press earlier this week.

Now I know that in regards of the whole world's population I (like most really in this country) is extremely well off. I also know I pretty well off and well paid compared with the average in the country.

However what surprised me was how well off I am in comparison to a lot of people in this country - I was further up the tables than I was expecting. See whilst I live in a "nice" house in a "nice" area and we have food on the table, clothes in the wardrobe, warmth in the radiators, can afford some luxuries and don't really have to scrimp to make ends meet I'm not exactly Rockefeller you know. I don't live in a mansion, my kids go to state schools, my fleet of automobiles is actually one that is a company car anyway and the other a 1.4 little town runabout for the Mrs... not a Ferrari, Rolls, Bentley etc. in sight. I'm comfortable yes, as I say we can say things like "Let's eat out tomorrow" and I don't have to worry where the money will come from and if my son called me today with a problem in Wales he needed us to go there instantly I could do it again without worrying about breaking a budget.

I try hard not to take what I have for granted but I don't always succeed, this report was a bit of an eye opener to me.


  1. Welcome to the real world mate. Those of us lucky enough to be cushioned by the company beamer don't know how well off they ae right now. Especially if you haven't had to take much of a pay cut to go with it. My income was shaved by £35,000 for the whole of 2009. I had chuff all left AND nobody makes any contributions on my behalf. Therefore the recession hurts. Wife had to get a second job, holiday's in borrowed UK properties, no eating out - indeed no going out whatsoever. I'm glad you feel lucky beceause some folk I know never come to realise it at all.

  2. It's very easy to take things for granted but your list at the side (things I'm grateful for) regularly demonstrates that you don't.

    Like you, we're in the comfortably-off bracket and thankful for it.

  3. Agreed. I'm in the same boat. According to government studies, my income puts me in a bracket the government always targets for a tax increase because I can afford it. Really? I can? I had no idea I was a Rothschild. I also have an ex-wife I have to shell out for for a few more years to come, and two daughters that aren't exactly cheap. I guess my point is I still live basically pay check to pay check, and I'm one of the higher earners! It makes one wonder how others get by because a supposed 'have' like me, while living comfortably, is living far from luxuriously...