Friday, 22 January 2010

None the bloody wiser...

I have toyed with making that the title of this blog on more than one occasion!

I'm 47 which on anybodies estimate should make me.
An Adult
Just over half way through life (if using current life expectancy averages - 79.3)
Older than the majority (average age in UK in 2008 was 38)

However despite all these factors in my favour I often feel completely at a loss in the world. Wisdom and it's application a dim ambition on a far horizon.

Glee? What is that? Everyone on the Radio was talking about it this morning - I've seen numerous episodes have been recorded on the PVR, presumably by my daughter. No idea? I watched a couple of mins of Big Brother and said "That guy looks like Vinnie Jones". My daughter in that teenage exasperated way explain it was him ("DEERRRRR!") since it was 'celebrity' big brother. Who the hell are the others then?!?!?!? Anyway the few mins I tried to watch this to "bond" with my daughter was more than enough and I soon withdrew. Reality shows... reality?! Oh yes I didn't see the TV awards thing but how do shows with celebrities in them qualify as a talent show? Ben Elton's horrific post apocalyptic vision from This Other Eden seems to be closer to truth than fiction by the day.

Whilst thousands die in Haiti and we struggle with the recession, global warming and conflict both in the "war zones" in the middle East but also more importantly in the melting pot of our own multicultural land. What do you get on the front of the papers? Tiger Woods snapped in a clinic reportedly being treated for his sex addiction. Tiger - good on you, confront your issues openly and honestly and I wish you well in your recovery. However why the hell is this front page news?!

You know the older I get the less I understand.

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  1. same here. :/

    wrt being 'shellfish' I 'sea' what you mean!! ....I'll get my coat!! ;)