Saturday, 10 October 2009

This too shall pass...

That phrase has been good to me in the last couple of months. As you all know (regular readers anyhow) I've not been well ... to briefly recap.

  • Stress at work - self induced

  • Busy holiday in very hot/humid New England

  • Vertigo attack on hols

  • More Vertigo attacks at home

  • Time off work

  • Stress because of time off work

  • Back to work full time too soon

  • Stress!

  • Panic

  • Chest pains

  • New medication

  • Off work

  • Slow return to work

Through all of this I've had to tell myself - this too will pass - in time. And it appears to be doing so. No doubt the road that is life will have another hairpin turn or sudden dip I don't see coming and that'll either cause the breaks to have to be applied or a crash that'll require some form of recovery truck to pull me out of a ditch.

Work - I'm in a much better place with it all. Still too much to do and frankly a load of utter nonsense as to what we are doing. I used to get it about what our company did and what I did in that to help it do it... now I just go in potter about, try to move somethings forward and generally try to not get in others way. At least it's not preoccupying my head space like it was though.

Health - I feel a lot better. The vertigo is a lot better, the chest pains better and overall I probably feel the best I have in at least a year but I'd not really noticed how I'd been going down really.

Music - So I said I wanted to get a band together. Given my health that faltered. I spoke to a few people but there are a load of hurdles to cross on that one... finding people of likemindedness who'll stick with it, rehersal time and space, finding places to play (rare locally to me), material etc. So given I'm more interested really in original music I've decided to write and record only at the moment and then see about whether what comes out gets people interested in playing that. I met a guy local to me who has built his own little studio - for a home set up it is marvellous - frankly I know little about it but near professional standard. This guy has a lot of experience playing live, touring, recording and writing. So the intention is to take some of my stuff into his studio with him on the controls and as an additional writing partner. I've already outlined two songs to get going on.

Secondly I might have a solo acoustic gig coming up in Nov - what this space. I'm working on the set list now.

I feel re-energised esp around the music... of course the joke is that ... this too shall pass... :-)


  1. Great to have some positive stuff going on al last. Don't think about it's passing just enjoy it while you can, that's what I try to do these days.

    (Happy birthday for whenever it was!)

  2. It will pass old bean. Good times and bad eh?

    The good times will be back.

    Trust me I'm from Oldham.

    You take care and twang a guitar or two and chill!!!!

  3. With varying specifics, I feel a lot of what you're going through and I wonder if it's just the ennui that sets in when we've reached our 40's? It's as if we've made it to this point and have experienced life, kids, job, sex, booze/drugs, home ownership, emotional turmoil...i.e. all life has to offer and we wonder: "Is this it? Is that all there is?" I truly hope and expect that isn't the case...but I do have the occasional nagging doubt.

  4. is'nt life complicated and busy we're the generation that is supposed to have it all - I think thats the problem.

    Pleased things are better. You really need to believe in yourself more!

  5. Dude you just have to realize that no matter what is going on it is a speck of dust on a very large picture. It is nothing that you won't get through. You just need to learn to relax, take deep breaths, and when you are in the middle of something stressful, take 10 or 15 minutes out and go somewhere and be by yourself. (Even if you have to go sit in the Loo) lol.

    Music is a de-stresser... Just find one or two times a day to do something for yourself, something peace-inducing. It can be done.

    Just have faith and believe that you can do whatever you set out to. You're in control of your life, nobody else.

    <3 <3