Thursday, 29 October 2009


So I went to the appointment with the specialist over the vertigo yesterday.

Frankly nothing much new to report. He thinks it is Migraine Associated - and I have to say some of the stuff points to that. We talked about the medication and he has pointed out one change which I'm pleased with - there is one I'm taking (an anti-psychotic... yes come on get the gags over with!) that does make me feel most odd when you take it - it's like the feeling you get about 2 hours after someone has kicked you in the side of the head. Well I don't have to take that one so often! Result!

I'm suppose to be more strict on a diet that frankly they had told me about 5 years ago but I'd sort of been a bit selective on remembering what was on it. Sadly it includes things like chocolate in all forms... i.e. on a biscuit as well! I mean! And cutting down on my tea and coffee... and cheese!!! "No Cheese Grommit!"

Still I shouldn't moan it's a small price to pay really isn't it.


  1. Hell, I'd be useless at keeping off those things, that's all that keeps me going!

    Good luck, and glad you may have a solution in sight.

  2. No cheese???? I make a great welsh rarebit n all!!!

  3. good luck with that... no choc, no cheese, no choccy bics?? What little luxury are you left with that you really enjoy??


  4. told you!!! no kit kats, no tea!! Cheese!!! oh dear!!

    I can't laugh really - no coffee or chocolate here either :(

    music there is always music!!!!

  5. Migraine related? Possibly. Migraines can do some really weird things. We thought my sister had a series of strokes, which she always bizarrely recovered from, until a neurologist FINALLY diagnosed it as MIGRAINE related events. It would leave her temporarily paralyzed...the whole bit. Shes now on some meds which have seem to have taken care of the issue, but was scary stuff for a while. The world of migraines, and their effects, is an odd, and poorly understood, one.

  6. But is life without chocolate and cheese worth living?

    I've never been kicked in the side of the head ...

  7. Quit all of the prescription nonsense and just relax more, get some Yoga classes and take some deep breaths. Pamper yourself more.

    Relaxing is key!!!