Friday, 2 October 2009

Getting better

The good news is that I'm feeling much better at the end of this week. Finally admitting to the problems I was happening and giving into my body telling me to take it easy has obviously been the best result.

I had an ear test at the hospital today as part of the vertigo investigations. They could compare it with the test I had 4 years ago when I first had real issues with the vertigo. The result was that my right ear has an almost identical result - that is the one that has the worse hearing loss in it, I blame the big band jazz band I played in for a couple of years - I stood normally far stage right as you look at it and therefore my right ear was exposed to two drummers and a large row of saxophonists within feet of me! :-) The left ear, the side I have the tinitus and the side of my eye issues during my attacks however was actually slightly better than the previous result.

That is to some point good news. If I have Meniere's then your hearing gets worse every attack on the side you have the issue, so this is a further pointer to my issue being Migrainne Associated. Given this week I feel massively better than last week and the headaches have greatly reduced now I'm on the beta blockers, plus the working less hours and a very conscious effort to not let stuff bother me as much I'm convinced in the end this is all stress related.

Tomorrow will be my 47th birthday and we're going to go out for a meal somewhere for lunch since the evening is already occupied with Daughter-of-Furtheron being in a swimming gala. She was busy in the kitchen last night and I was told not to enter and now a beautiful victoria sponge is awaiting us to tuck into it! :-)


  1. mmmmmmmm....Victoria Sponge

    Had vertigo once. Novel experience falling over without the assistance of vodka..;-)

    Glad you're on the mend old bean.

    Many Happy Returns of tomorrow.

  2. Happiest of Birthday's to you my friend.

    I'm glad you are feeling better. Vertigo's a bitch.

  3. Hippo birdie to ewe.... :0)

    enjoy your cake and meal out.

  4. Happy birthday to you! (You, child, you!) xxx

    Enjoy the victoria sponge - and the gala.