Sunday, 18 October 2009

Another British World Champ

Just watched an amazing Brazilian Grand Prix.... if you don't know the result look away now... too late probably.

Mad first lap! But Jenson's tough drive from the far back to get into the points and then to see the bad luck that happened to Barichello means we have back to back British champions for the first time in 40 years. :-)

Well done Jenson - what a worthy result for all your years of effort and especially this year with Brawn coming from a position of nearly not even in the championship less than a year ago.

Add to that Dario Franchitti won the Indy Racing league in America through driving carefully through the first ever IRL race to not have any yellow flags. He managed to stay on the lead lap with the two other title protagonists (Scott Dixon and Ryan Brisco) and when they both needed to dash into the pits for a last gasp top up of fuel Dario managed to just hold on to win the race and the championship. 2 years ago he passed Dixon on the last lap when Dixon's car coughed through lack of fuel!

Brilliant! We might not have anyone in the WRC and poor Toseland has lost his seat in MotoGP but we're still the top in open wheel racing!!!


  1. You couldn't possibly be called Jenson Button and not be the champion of something!!!

    Well done to him!

  2. I'm not too much into racing or anything, I did enjoy the Harley Drag finals, but that was motorcycles.

    Usually it's either sex, music or computer games for me haha