Sunday, 4 October 2009

New music

So after a while with very little new listening pleasure the birthday and the time of the year has brought a bunch... so here's a quick catch up.

David Gray - Draw the Line

I like David Gray - actually I wish I was him in terms of songwriting and singing. This album is top quality Gray. If you like him you'll like this, but I doubt it'll win many new fans. He seems to have dropped off the popularity stakes since White Ladder but this album is as good in my opinion.

Muse - The Resistance

Muse go more over the top! A good album though with a lot of Queen hints in the arrangements and vocals. Probably more piano from Mr Belamy on this than before and less of a head banger feel than the last two albums.

Rodrigo y Gabriel - 11:11

11 tracks dedicated to musicians who've influenced them. Now these two have a very unique sound and style. Born from their thrash metal history it is however the rhythm work that sets them apart and that is very different. Often people consider it flamenco but they are adamant it isn't, correctly so it's actually very different. I thought they may struggle to match their first effort with this followup but they have done a very very good job.

Marillion - Less is More

An "acoustic" remake of several tracks off past albums. It isn't totally "unplugged" to be fair but the stripped down nature, new instrumentations and arrangements are very refreshing. All in all for a bunch of previously released stuff it is worth getting... there again I'm a Marillion nut so maybe I'm biased.

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  1. It seems as if Muse is finally making a splash here in the US as I am now hearing them on the radio as I drive around town. Always had a soft spot for David Gray myself as well.

    OK, your point about the diesel engines. Yes. Agree 100%. Want to know what annoys me? The fact that the auto manufacturers have all these cool cars available with the new clean diesel motors available in Europe and they DON'T HAVE THEM AVAILABLE HERE. I love the new Jaguar XF. Beautiful car. Gets 18 mpg with gasoline motor in US. In UK, you can get it with a turbo diesel that gets nearly 50 mpg on the highway...and they wont import it here!!!! Arrrgh. Personally, I think the US oil companies are behind it, but sooner or later they'll have to bring these diesels to the US market (we have a few...VW, Audi A3, etc). Their excuse is the US market has a bad taste with the diesel experience of the 70's, and doesn't want these motors. Well, the new diesels are light years ahead of the old ones, and comparable with gasoline engines...with twice the mileage. I envy you Europeans. You guys get all the good stuff...