Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Restart, rewind, replay... pause

I think that's a line from a Rush lyric. Whatever.

Last night I went to one of the regular AA meetings I go to. It was quite a few folks are off globe trotting the lucky buggers so it was a bit less full than usual. The booked speaker failed to show up so another regular member took the chair.

Boy what a meeting! She really said it from the heart, exactly as it is for her today, many years since she had a drink but still facing life's tribulations on a daily basis and as an alcoholic to do that without a drink can be a challenge.

So many shared back about how it can be bloody hard life at times. It was bizarre as a meeting that many might have thought quiet negative about recovery was in fact the opposite. All these people many with many years of sobriety talking about times when it's been really tough, either now or in the past etc. and all saying that they get so much strength from others who are facing or have faced similar stuff and got through it and didn't drink on it.

I was a bit reflective, possibly a bit down afterwards and this morning but as I say it's sort of worked it's magic with me considering my problems much smaller than some of what these others have had to face and also it's made me realise my biggest problem is simply getting on with it. I know that, enough others tell me that to my face but it still needs me to face it and move through it.

Today has been a pretty good day. I went and did the shopping for Mrs F this morning - and I found everything on the list... that must mean it's time for Tesco to alter the layout of the shop no doubt. I put it all away when I got back. Then I did some emails to do with some AA stuff. I had a coffee and settled into a days work. That hasn't gone too badly as well, including something I didn't want to do - i.e. tell someone how one of their team had performed on something yesterday for me... very poorly. I got a much better result than I expected on that one. Also I was chasing something that had caused an outage on a critical system over the weekend trying to understand and get to the root cause so we don't have the problem again - a load of rework was needed. Guess what a guy openly put his hand up and acknowledged he'd made a mistake. I've sent him a private personal thanks, it takes guts to do stuff like that at times.

Dum de dum de dum... that is how today feels very dum de dum de dum

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  1. Cardigans did some'at about 'Rewind' n all. Liked them.

    In the RAC mesel.... ;-)

    Actually an AA bloke was trying to drum up business outside Sainsbury's the other day. He asked me and I said "Sorry mate I'm too into vodka". I can't believe he looked baffled. Surely it isn't a new gag???