Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New Toy

Mrs F's present to me for my birthday was one of these. A Boss Flanger. The name caused much hilarity with my giggly daughter for some reason.

Anyway - great!! Been years since I had a Flanger at my footstep. My continued move from PODs and programmed devices to real valve amps with knobs on and stompboxes continues.

I plugged this in played one of my tunes that I thought would benefit from a Flanger and it sounded super - all controls on 12 o'clock and it's there none of this 6 hours in a "push-this-hold-that" menu to get something I'd think... "Well it's close enough" just top quality sound that you can just tweak here and there if needed.

I've dug out my old Cry Baby Wah-Wah, Boss Chorus and Boss Delay. I'm thinking of getting a pedal board to mount them all on. Mrs F has offered to get me the Boss Phase Shifter for Christmas! :-) Set to Stun Me Zulu... oh he's in our local panto this year George thingy... "Oh yes he is!"


  1. I used to use a Boss Flanger for my old bass - although when me and the missus did home recordings, we ran her vox through it and she sounded all Karen Carpenter - incredible.

    I've always been tempted with an MXR distortion pedal, but am strictly Line 6 now (less space and great, great sound)

    You should lend an ear to the bloke I blogged yesterday - all analogue recordings

  2. I have no idea what a Flanger is, but it looks pretty intense.

    Congrats on your cool new toy.