Monday, 12 October 2009

Biting the bullet

So Toby Burton over at Rock-Til-You-Drop has offered me a place on one of his up coming Acoustic Afternoon in London in November.

Someone said to me the other - "So what do you really want to do with your music?" A relatively straight forward question but one actually I struggled to answer easily. To be truthful I didn't really know. However I have some songs/tunes in the works that have been tripped out on my acoustic for a while now and apart from one or two being up on Youtube I've done nothing with them.

I'm not a great singer but there are probably worse out there, so what the hell I'm going to make my debut as a solo singer/guitarist. Now to find 30 mins of material!!!

Actually that hasn't proved as difficult as I first feared. A couple of David Gray covers are ready for polishing off ready and ideal solo guitar/singer material. Hmm - a little rearrangement of one particular Marillion song and I'm sure that'll work. I have to include my tribute to the late great John Martyn even though I don't play in his style and clearly never ever consider myself to emulate his amazing vocal style.

What else? Oh yes an acoustic version of an old Ocean Colour Scene number I did with a band a few years back that worked well. There are a couple of Gordon Giltrap pieces that are regulars when I sit to play and despite them being a bit of a technical challenge they fit how I'd like to project myself, i.e. someone who can play a bit of guitar.

Then I looked to my own catalogue, there are a few little instrumental numbers - one of which has received several plaudits from those who've come across it on Youtube. There are also a couple of self penned songs, one reasonably new - well the lyrics are and another I wrote some years back whilst in a covers band but we never took it anywhere as it didn't really fit that bands style.

Now to practice and learn them all so I don't make myself look a complete numpty...

More updates to come on my progress.


  1. Well done. Sounds like you have all the bases covered. Enjoy it.

  2. Brilliant!! This sounds like a positive move, and something to distract you for the other things bubbling away in your noodle. Good luck with it..


  3. Have fun old bean!!!!

    Put it this will not be as bad as the Old Pretenders FC at a Kareoke on the Huddersfield tour singing Delilah.

    Trust me I'm from Oldham!

  4. How exciting, and loads to look forward to. You deserve it :)

    (Which David Grey numbers and which John Martyn ones. The latter sang many of the sound tracks to my life back in the day!)