Monday, 7 September 2009

This time last year...

I saw a post on another blog about "this time last year..." Made me think.

This time last year Son-of-Furtheron was off to start his first year at uni. So a year on and not only did he settle in despite some early jitters he has prospered he is even now an "award winning" student :-) This year he is off to live in a flat away from the uni - another adventure and also is thinking of a possible change of course, nothing dramatic just something with a particular focus in his subject... oh yes and one with another year at uni... I think he just is avoiding ever getting a job! :-)

Daughter-of-Furtheron is now in a well established feature in her secondary school and came home last week fired up about taking various GCSEs a year or two early. Already! Blimey where's the time go!

Mrs F this year sets out on another adventure with a new teacher in her class as the one from last year is just about to go on maternity leave. She is in the same year group though which I think she was happy about.

Me... a year ago I was depressed, I think because of S-o-F going off to uni. Two years ago about now I started a new role at my company, I had to go to USA twice in Sept at the same time my daughter started at secondary school which I wasn't happy about. This year already that role has gone and the new one come and the stress may have led to my current issues with my health, I don't know. I do know I have to change something workwise.

Another September - 2001 - my son was starting secondary school and I choose to go off a couple of days later to New York for work. A decision I regretted subsequently. Again this year there is a lot on the TV about 9/11. In the past I used to reflect with fear, it really did screw my head up at the time.

So I'm in reflective mood at the moment. But I need to turn this into forward proactive movement for me, too long I've sat in an idol retrogressive groove. Positive forward movement is needed I feel.

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