Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Getting a band together

I put an ad on Partysounds a while back... here is the story so far.

I had a few responses. First issue is I'd no thought through what I was looking for, what I wanted. So when people phoned up and talked to me that was a bit of a failing.

I then got scared of what it was I was wanting to do and these people, they'd obviously be better musicians than me, they'd look to me for more direction than I'd be able to give. So I've dillied and dallied and lost the route and plot again.

I've met one guy who sounded ideal I thought, he said he wasn't a good guitarist and not sure himself what he wanted. Good I thought he'll be my level. I met him this week and we might kick off something but I'm now not sure that I ought to be out finding people better than me at this to learn from. I should fight off that need to always be the guy who knows the answers... I don't I never really do and ought to ask for help more.


  1. Congrats!
    Sounds like you have begun working towards a "collaborative" dream fufillment.

    Best of luck and just so you know-you don't always have to know the answers. It is the wise man who's not quite sure of the answer but knows where to find it.

    ROCK ON!!

  2. Maybe it pays to be better prepared pre-ad or maybe it doesn't.
    Good luck.

  3. Well done for sorting it out to this stage. Maybe you should have more faith in yourself :)

  4. I'm looking for a bassist and a drummer for a 3 man band just because I've typed, made EP covers for 36 songs and recorded my first song playing the guitar and vocal recording, it's just damn hard to find two people who would like to jam out with the music I've written