Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Slowly, slowly

I'm back at work - part time, 4 hours for 4 days this week.

Funny given the fearsome state I'd got myself into about work and how all these things were major stress factors in my life once I'd had the break again last week and then agreed to come back part time now I'm back there seems to be little that really is that urgent. There's always important and needs to be done etc. but in the grand scheme of things in my job it's not like I'm saving people's lives or anything.

I feel very tired - I think as a consequence of the drugs I'm on at the moment. Also I'm having disturbed sleep - again on the packet as a side effect but doesn't help when you don't feel that bright to start with. Or maybe this is just my body asking me to take life at a slower pace.

So slowly back to work and slowly back to life I think.


  1. Hey
    Haven't checked in on you for some time..I agree, take life slowly and work slowly..Hope you are OK and strength and peace to you..I too need to take things lowly - so much energy and thoughts run around my head at times that it's back to meditation and Yoga again for me..

  2. So glad you are taking things slowly :)

    unfortunately I have had to make my blog invite only. If you still want to read my ramblings then please e mail me (address on my profile page) and I will send you an invite x

    Thanks for all your comments

  3. howdo old bean. Soz I've been AWOL for a while. Trouble at work = me getting paid off. Man of leisure for a while now ;-)

    Slowly back to work eh? Slowly sounds good to me....

    You take care mate


  4. Take it easy. I don't think cutting back on kit-kats would help. Just the opposite in fact.