Thursday, 3 September 2009

Feeling Better

Slowly I'm feeling better.

I had a bad attack on Sunday. I felt rough all day but persisted in going to an AA meeting with a friend which on reflection may not have been a smart move - never mind. Throughout the afternoon I struggled then in the evening a full blown attack although at the start the world didn't revolve as much more wiggled and went out of focus. Then I tried to stand up and that started the spinning game again. Still it didn't last as long.

Monday morning Mrs F and my son recommended a "low sodium diet" from their research the night before into Meniere's treatments. So no bread, no ham which had been a staple of the diet on holiday to be honest and since we returned... if in doubt I'll have a ham sandwich. I'm now having crispbreads and honey.

Well Monday I was very wobbly and the Tinnitus was horrendous. Tuesday morning the same and if I moved my head quickly to the left I was close to going straight to the deck. But then on Tuesday afternoon and evening it cleared a bit, first the noise in the ear reduced then the balance returned.

So I feel a lot better right now. Maybe the low sodium thing, maybe just time passing who knows...


  1. Glad to hear your health has improved.

  2. Sounds really horrible. Hope you are still feeling better and that you have a good weekend :)

  3. Did you say some of this may be migraine related? My sister has horrible migraines, and recently we thought she had a temporarily paralyzed the right half of her body. She recovered in a few hours...but it has happened several times now. It was truly scary. She went to a neurologist and found out it was a rare symptoms of severe migraines. Apparently, migraines can do some unexpected things neurologically speaking...(don't know about the no salted meat diet though...Im not sure life is worth living without bacon!)

  4. I hope teh diet helps or, preferably, that the whole thing just gets better.