Friday, 11 September 2009


It's that day again. I was okay this morning when I got up but then I noticed the date and the time it is 08:43 as I type this. I know I'm in a different time zone but...

regular readers will know I was unfortunately in NYC on that day - sat at this very time (accepting the zone diff) in a high rise office block preparing to start a long 2 day working meeting.

I remember the shock and distress in the lady who came in to tell us about the first crash. We got CNN up on the big screen in the conference room we were in just as the second plane hit the other tower just after 9am and I remember then knowing instantly this wasn't a tragic accident but clearly some form of attack.

It was a horrible day - as were the days after when I was stuck in NYC with my colleagues separated from our loved ones and with little information to plan on and always changing information and some difficulty communicating with people back in the UK.

However my thoughts are today not with me - they are with all those who lost loved ones and friends on that day.

Sadly I fear whilst the hard lessons regarding security etc. might have been learnt that day I'm not sure we have learnt the real lesson. The lesson of tolerance, of listening to others point of views, of not assuming that what one part of the world of society thinks is the answer necessarily is.

I read with horror about some of the issues with woman's rights in Afghanistan recently and also am concerned about the election that has been recently run there - the smell of corruption is too great it seems for me to rest comfortably. Are we really backing the right solution there? I don't know I still feel that we (the west) blunder in spouting off about democracy and freedom and this and that but do we actually take any notice of the people who actually live there and what they want or need or understand? How would I feel if suddenly a whole bunch of foreign soldiers came through my town telling me they were giving me freedom when I didn't really ask for their version of it in the first place?

A lot of innocent people died 8 years ago today. Sadly a lot more have died since in our so called solution.


  1. nice post.... 8 years already? Still feels very recent and raw.

  2. Gosh, didn't realise you were there then, how traumatic.

    I totally agree with you. Tolerance is vital and as for other people in another country telling you what to do? It's not ever going to work is it, and we'd never accept it either if the boot were on the on the foot.

    Well said all round.

  3. It's all a mess. The end is hay. No nay. Anyway, it's coming soon!