Friday, 10 October 2008

It's been a week now

My mother-in-laws cat, Mitzi, wasn't well last week - a problem with her kidneys that she's had before. So she got some medicine from the vet etc. but then almost immediately and very unlike her the cat went missing. She's old and a rescue cat who'd been poorly treated so she stays pretty much in the house and the garden. Sadly it's been a week now with no sign of her.

It's the not knowing that's the worst bit isn't it.


  1. God, I hate that.

    One of our cats would take off for days, come home for food and a cuddle then take off again on his travels. That was normal. If you hadn't seen him for a week you'd figure he'd got himself locked up somewhere, but that he'd be home eventually.

    Our other one is so territorial (lazy) that he barely leaves the house and knows our schedule to the point of being underfoot all the time. He went missing for 24 hours and we were frantic. It turned out he was only about 20 yards from the house, over a wall, but had got lost. We searched for miles around on foot calling his name but it was really only when we focused on the near environment that we found him (and he was *very* happy to see me - he literally ran (unlike him) and jumped into my arms (most unlike him).

    I'd suggest not getting too distracted about searching for miles. Look close to the house, under bushes etc.

    Good luck. I hope you guys find her.

  2. Done that and leaflet dropped the road asking people to look for us

  3. You're right: it's the not knowing that is so bad. I hope ... that you'll find her.