For Kyiv

No words really.... If you can please donate at  Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee (  to help the refugees. Ukraine - We Stand With You For Kyiv

New Music!!!

 It's been flipping ages but finally some new songs recorded and on SoundCloud. First up - There You Go which is also my entry into this year's Talent Is Timeless competition. This is very like much of my material, essentially written as a solo acoustic guitar singer songwriter number, though never performed live at an open mic or whatever you can tell it has that feel.  Features my P90 equiped gold top single cut for the first time ever. Graham Hunt - Medway · There You Go Next is Rose Tinted Rear View Mirror. Written on my octave mandolin (see my previous track Minstrel Man) with some additional guitar from my Great Guitar Build Off 2021 guitar which marks its recording debut. Graham Hunt - Medway · Empathy Onto the more rock numbers now.  Empathy which was written and recorded on my Mahogany Telecaster partscaster build, again a recording debut.   This most difficult part of this one was getting the drum track sorted.  I had worked it out and tried to program it in only

My Ultimate HSS Stratocaster Build. Part 5 Final set up and sound demo ...

Last part.  Final Set up and some sound demos

My Ultimate HSS Strat Partscaster Build - Part 4 - Fretwork and Assembly

Part 4 where I do the fretwork and final assembly.

My Ultimate HSS Partscaster Build - Part 3 - Pickups and wiring.

Part 3 in which I tackle the wiring and explain pickup and wiring choices.

My Ultimate HSS Build - Part 2

Second part - I work on the neck for my Ultimate HSS Strat