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New Epiphone Release

This looks good... The new Epiphone DC PRO - basically looks like it is based on the Les Paul Double Cut that has been released a few times by Gibson but obviously at the Epiphone price point.  Also most Gibson ones I've seen had only master vol and tone where this has separate controls for each pickup and the toggle mounted on the upper horn as per a typical Les Paul.   I'll be looking around for some reviews of this on YouTube etc. soon.

Furtheron Review of the year 2018

Well let me just sum up 2018 in one word - CRAP! If you follow my other blog you'll know I've been ill all this year with my meniere's disease.  This has led to me taking "early retirement" - well I was made redundant whilst off on long term sick leave.  I'm trying to sort out a pension income in the next few months before the  redundancy payout disappears.  If that's not enough to keep the wolf from the door well... we'll have to cross that rickety bridge if it appears in our path. I've always done a quick annual review on here so in keeping with that tradition here we go... 1. Gig of the year Easy to pick as due to the problems with Meniere's going to gigs is now a thing of the past.  The one exception was seeing Black Country Communion last January (almost a year to the day actually) at Hamersmith Apollo.  They were exceptional anyway and may well have won even if I'd been going to a lot of gigs. 2. Album of the year. Mr Joe