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This journey

I started blogging in early 2006. This blog since 2008 and my other blog over at WordPress since 2013. Whatever has happened my recovery has been the constant common theme. Today I'm 5000 days sober thank you for walking with me.


Proof I think of my point about Glen Hughes and his incredible voice.  This was the encore from the show last week

Where you been? Gig Review of Black Country Communion Hammersmith 4 Jan 2018

Or more to the point where have I been.... Unwell - see my other blog for some details but I have a condition that has become really impactful recently.  To the point where I suspect for too long I'll be no longer working in any capacity.  In effect I can't really travel, am not driving etc. So unless there is a job I can do within walking distance of home who don't mind someone who every few hours has to lie on the floor until the world stops spinning and then is frankly useless for as long as that lasts - 5 min to several hours and afterwards can barely stand or walk for a few hours more.  Reasonable adjustment is an interesting conversation with an employer who thinks it means brail keyboards and wheelchair accessibility. Anyways....  Musically - nothing has been happening really as also my hearing is nearly gone in my left ear as a result and I have constant roaring tinnitus couple with painful feelings in my ear with loud noises.   Ear plugs help but don't cure