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Where's he been!!!

Can it really be nearly 3 weeks since I posted? Clearly! I've been really busy. Okay - Mrs F is a year older since the last post. She had a day in London with the kids and I met up with them in the evening for a meal. She has a nice shiny iPod that I bought her that my son luckily had the patience to help set up for her. Oh yes - obviously from that you can guess, Son-of-Furtheron is home for Easter. I drove up to Aberystwyth in the most glorious weather last Friday afternoon to collect him. Driving over the mountains in totally blue skies and so clear you could see for miles was a lovely day. Daugher-of-Furtheron is going great guns at school at her parents evening her teachers were full of praise for her. Sadly due to work commitments I couldn't make it. First one of those I've ever missed for either of my kids I was annoyed that work got in the way. So... work. After the last post I decided that enough is enough and I can't do this huge daily commute or