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The workbench

I've been setting up some projects now I'm "retired".  However weather, health and other stuff keeps getting in the way. However progress has been made. I built a new workbench!  I think I said I was going to do this ages ago - at least a year... or two! Ta Da! I bought some lengths of 4x2in (well the metric equivalent) from the local store which they delivered back in January.  I then created a frame - the cross braces (front to back) are just butted against the front frames where I joined the long cross bits to the legs via half lap (I think that's what it's called) joints.  They hide the screws hold the cross braces in.  I cut some MDF to fit as a bottom storage shelf and the top is an offcut from our kitchen worktop that has been sat in the garage for 15 years waiting for me to do this! The vice is an old one I liberated from my father-in-laws garage last year when we had to sell that house after my mother-in-law went into a care home.  It&#

Book Review - KP Lane Infinite Dream

Back with a book review post. KP Lane Infinite Dream  I'll start with a declaration of interest.  Kevin Lane is an old colleague and friend who I hold in very high regard.  So I read this since it is his first novel that he has self published. Infinite Dream is a thriller novel set in the rarefied world of the mega rich and powerful.  We're introduced to our hero Jack Hallis.   Jack is a very rich man having made his fortune in spotting potential blockbuster drugs in development and buying them up.  He is autistic and to a degree reclusive, in that he doesn't mix much and his work dominates his life.  However this is turned on it's head when he meets Corrine Azzard who works for the UN and is looking to secure funding from rich folks like Jack.  Corrine attracts him like no one before and so he starts to look at courting her. He falls in love and she persuades him to use his riches to tackle the corruption that stops UN aid reaching those that really need it. 

Blogger and Google+ - annoyed

I know I'm a bad blogger and not been on here for a while.  But I was annoyed to read today that with the demise of Google+ any Google+ comments have been lost of the blog. That's mostly mine then!  Since I moved to Google+ some time ago when Google pushed it as the way to get more traffic to your blog.... that never worked either. Oh well - so back to the blogger I remember of old then... without all my replies to people's comments!