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Mahogany T Style Build 2

Neck on!  Always one of the jobs that fills me with dread, if you screw this up... Well it's likely to remain bits of wood resembling a guitar rather than an actual playable guitar. Once attached I was able to line up the bridge and check I'd not screwed up the scale length etc.  All looks good for now. Now the Eagle eyed will have zeroed on the headstock.  One of the "unique" features on this build is that I've gone for a Musicman style 4+2 headstock.   I've never owned one myself but I like how it looks, how it allows straight string through the nut to the tuners (like Fender) but that it does away with the fiction friendly and stable tuning's nemesis the dreaded string trees.  So I thought I'd give it a go.  This limited choice of buying a neck. The neck I got is a Kimese product I ordered directly from China via ebay. It took ages to arrive as I ordered it just before the Chinese New year and then Covid-19 bit China. But after some week

Mahogany T Style Build

Whilst we're in lockdown I've started on a project that I've had been planning since the turn of the year. I've settled on another T Style. Like the thinline I got the body from Gear4Music. They are great value and reasonable quality.  It arrived routed for a standard tele bridge pickup and a dual purpose neck route for a single coil or humbucker. However I decided to go for something very un t-type.  I'm going to put a P90 in the neck and a humbucker at the bridge.  So first thing was to route out for the humbucker.  I've got a t style bridge that incorporates a humbucker mounting ring.  So lining all that up led to a route at the front of the original route.  I had to very slightly enlarge the neck pickup route too to accommodate the P90.  Also the control cavity is a little too narrow to accommodate full size pots so again I've eased that out a little to make room.  The bridge is a string through so I used a home made t