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GGBO Episode 8 - Work that body!

Nearly getting to the end, maybe!  In this I drill various holes in the body to mount various bits of hardware and carve some comfort into it.

GGBO Episode 7. Neck joint resuscitation steps 2 and 3. Can I get the neck on?

Episode 7 - can I get the neck on the guitar?  My steps 2 and 3 in the recovery plan.

I build a guitar neck! GGBO Episode 6

Can I build a playable guitar neck?  Starting with hammering frets into a fretboard for the first time and then shaping the carve on the neck fundamentally this is the guitars total user interface if I don't get this right it'll never be a guitar....

GGBO Episode 5 - Back in the game! A rescue of my Great Guitar Build Of...

You can' keep a good man (or an idiot) down!  I start the rescue of my guitar build project for the Great Guitar Build Off 2021 competition as I continue to work on the neck.

Great Guitar Build Off Episode 4 - Where Ambition Outstrips Ability

Sadly where it all goes wrong.   This will explain a bit.  Essentially I messed up the neck pocket then with a neck that was not aligned managed to snap a screw off in the neck.