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Part 2 of the Thinline T-Type build

Part 2 of the Thinline T-Type build.  I shape the headstock, fit a new nut and fit the neck to the body.

T-Type thinline build

I built another guitar! It's a T-Type Thinline model.   Here's how it finished up but I'm going to be publishing a set of videos that actually track the progress - here's part one.

Workbench update

I've been busy using the workbench.  You'll see in the next post or so! Anyway one thing has been having to have an extension cable from the power socket that's about 3m away and then tripping over it etc.... So... Power!   I've now got power to the workbench.  Bought the socket, plug and cable for a few quid from the local wilkos.  In the end how I mounted it (as it didn't come designed with screw holes for that was to drill my own in the back of it and then screw a couple of flat head screws in and it then "hooks" on them.  It's good enough anyway.