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Paco de Lucia dies

Sadly the flamenco guitar great Paco de Lucia has died the BBC has reported. So  Here is a tribute to him from his work with Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin which no doubt exposed him to a different audience some years back.

Rochester Music Cafe - Love Songs

I was part of the Rochester Music Cafe - Love Songs night. The cafe is an idea for a "community" based music group.  An eclectic mix of people from solo singer songwriters, solo singers etc. etc. I was asked to join by my brother-in-law who has been involved as they were weirdly lacking electric guitarists - normally not a problem but they had drummers, bassists, keyboard players and singers galore but no one who can widdle on a 6 string. The format is a one or two numbers from each singer.  I was in the "band section" which was new for this set up they've never had a full blown group play like this.  We did BonJovi's I'll Be There For You - we were ok - apart from yours truly hitting the wrong intro chord! Way to go!  Also a trio did one of my old numbers - Just Let Me Love You Tonight . Actually it was good to get out and play with others - it stretches me and makes me listen more. One funny story I must share was the drummer commenting on my

Latest music stuff

I've been quiet on the solo side lately - frankly I've just not been bothering to try and get any gigs, turn up at any open mic nights etc. I've not been that inspired to write much either - just seem to have the same old stuff.  I plan to spend sometime on dedicated song writing sessions at some point soon to try and address that. The other thing I have been doing is a band thing.  My brother-in-law is a member of a church and they have a spin off community music group, so whilst not part of the church he asked me to join as for some bizarre reason they lack electric guitarists - not normally a situation you find in any collection of people. Anyway - we are playing a "love songs" theme night today.  I'm only in two numbers "I'll be there for you" the BonJovi classic and "Just let me love you tonight" my tune which we've had no rehearsal time for!! 

Adrian Legg USA tour

Adrian Legg has announced a series of dates in the USA. Here is a couple of examples of his brilliance... The Irish Girl is so hauntingly brilliant

CD Reviews

Time to review some recent CDs... Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope Latest from the four piece prog rock super group.  Now if you don't like your prog to be PROG then look away now... 25 min epics, time changes galore, over production etc. this has the lot.  Has to be said though these guys are turning some of the best prog on the planet at the moment if you like old style Yes, Genesis etc.  This isn't perhaps as good as the full blown concept album The Whirlwind which was the last time they had space to get together but it is still a really really good album.   We kick off with an epic - Into the Blue - which as a stonking overture just to get you in the mood building from violining guitars with synths and bell percussion etc. to a King Crimson'esq heavy riff with Hammond organ blaring out. It's 6 mins before the vocal starts - you know where you are with this lot! More instrumental through out than vocal this is my highlight of the album probably has the best singing