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David Gilmour's guitar collection

Some of you may have seen the news that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd is selling off his guitar collection to raise money for charity. Not a new idea as Eric Clapton has done this before but uniquely, I feel, is that Dave has basically put the entire auction up for sale at once! I talked with my son about it and he noticed a comment that there would be viewings available. I signed up to Christie's mailing thing and they did indeed send out info.  Even better - they were free!!!  Like seriously! Last week Son-of-Furtheron and I met at lunchtime in Victoria and took a walk past Buck House via the Mall into Mayfair to go look.  (Btw just a trip to London if you follow my other blog you'll know with my health issues is a major achievement!) And this is some of  what we saw. Let's start with some of the icons.... Gold top Les Paul - used on the solo to Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 1954 Strat with serial number 001 Red Strat as used through the 80s basically