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Space saving workbench

I got this idea from Chris at Highline guitars from a video he put up recently on his YouTube channel. If you haven't much space available and certainly not enough for a permanent workbench here's a way to get one you can store away. Underneath is a Black & Decker Workmate that I've had for years and which already folds away.  The top is a large offcut sheet of chipboard that was in my garage - a left over for a kitchen installation years ago. Underneath you see again a chunk of chipboard that was in my pile of "it may come in handy one day" offcuts.   You'll see I notched it at the ends so sit snugly on the workmate.  Once this clamped in the top is held really tight and it gives you a much bigger smooth flat surface to work on.  I heavily countersunk the 2.5" chipboard screws so that they won't scratch anything I put on there. The final little touch again from Chris at Highline was the portable carpenter's vice.  I honestly h