Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Whitstable Dream

Saw this whilst in sunny Whitstable today... The Whitstable Dream... hmm haven't got £675,000 to buy it really :-(

Good news on the Tax Form front - I found one of the important bits of paper I thought I'd lost - I think I might have a fighting chance to fill it in now!


  1. You know I love my beach!!! But, not enough to pay that kind of money...

  2. b ..b..b...blimey!! Still I have had some very fine lunches in Whitstable and quite possibley the most delicious potted shrimps in toast ever...!!

  3. That's a wee bit pricey.
    What's so great about Whitstable?

    1. It has become one of the "trendy" places to be. There are some celebs live there and plenty of rich people from London have moved there to - or own second homes there.

  4. It'll have to stay a dream for me too. Clever marketing though - he's had an article about it in the Guardian.