Saturday, 14 April 2012

Where's he been then?

At home - actually.  I've had a week and a half off work.  Now I seem to be busier than ever when not at work - how's that the case? 

I redecorated the bedroom over Easter then did the 12-string work but just loads of other stuff... mostly boring like trying to figure out my tax return!!  However today is Mrs F's birthday and Son-of-Furtheron returned from visiting his girlfriend in Wales last night so we are all off to Whitstable for a day out...


  1. Happy birthday, Mrs F! Hope you've had a great day in Whitstable.

  2. Enjoy your day out with your family and without your tax return bothering you any longer!

  3. Life is good, isn't it? Just the regular stuff. Good to stop sometimes and say "wow. i'm a lucky pup."