Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Missing in action

So the rushing about like a headless chicken has caught up with me...  Last week was two AA chairs, travelling to them and Paradise Lost gig, a bit of stress at work with some important meetings, gig preparations and gig on Saturday (went well I will post about that soon as I can) and then a drive to Wales and back to return S-o-F to university - D-o-F came along too... So I drove over 1000 miles in one week which for someone who commutes by train into London everyday and doesn't drive even to the station is fairly nuts.  Well by last night all was not well.  My Migraine Associated Vertigo is bad, couple that with a few nights of rubbish sleep, not helped by the migraine symptoms and finally this morning I went into work but had to throw the towel in straight away and return home.   I should be resting really not on here typing away so that this pain in the head goes away....

Normal service will be resumed, when it can... hopefully shortly


  1. :-( That is rubbish. I am sad. Please feel better soon. :-) N

  2. Ditto Nic . . . I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like it was a hectic week, maybe some good rest will fix it all.
    Thankfully I don't get migraines, they sound horrendous :-(

  3. Sending healing vibes across the pond, Futheron. Feel better soon. Those Migraines are such a beast!! Hope it breaks soon.

  4. Lots of rest and sleep in a darkewned room also works for me.
    Hot milk, honey and nutmeg also helps.

    Plus lots and lots of pharmacueticals.

  5. sleep. then rest up after you wake up and scratch your bits a bit. sleep is the best thing for just about anything that ails you...

  6. migraine-associated vertigo cost me my marriage. I was bedridden for over a year. I considered suicide. PLEASE visit my site for help. if I could get back to full health so can YOU: http://www.stoprocking.com

    Best of health, Julie

    1. Hi Julie,

      Thanks for finding me and pointing out your blog - I'll have to find time to sit and read through.