Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I'm not going to rant

I was going to rant about the taxman - but what's the point?  I was going to have another bloody rant about councils and bus passes - but what's the point?  In summary about the bus pass, we thought they had a new teenager scheme so we applied - it said "at any time" - pass comes back "valid Mon-Fri up to 9am"... that isn't "any time" in my book.  We asked for a refund as we already had that type of pass and I wrote to complain saying they didn't advertise it well.  They said my daughter could travel at half price after 9am and weekends without the pass... she can't she is 16 - that was the point...  They clearly never read my letter at all.   now the new propaganda sheet council newsletter arrives saying you can get a 16 - 18 bus pass that gives a discount "at all times"... do I start this nonsense all over again?  Have they responded to my suggestion that scheme would be a good idea (I'd put that in the letter) - if so why didn't they tell me that last month... left hand/right hand - and given previous disasters with with bus passes no doubt it'll be confiscated by the first driver who takes a dislike to my daughter. 

Oh bugger I've ranted now... next post will not be a rant promise...

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  1. Are you sure you don't live in the States? Some stuff happens here too! grrr!