Monday, 16 April 2012

Breaking strings and gig preparations

I'm playing a gig next Saturday.  Now this is a big thing for me, I don't play many gigs, probably because I don't promote myself enough but also I'm not sure my material is mainstream bookable stuff... my wife was commenting on an ad we recently saw for a band looking for work - her comment was "Why would people see them they are just a covers band?" is an interesting one.  Put simply, if you play original music few are really interested in listening, let alone paying to hear it... if you bang out Mustang Sally etc. regularly you can probably earn a half decent second income from it.  Anyways - I'm playing a festival... headlined by a Pink Floyd tribute band (see previous comment!).

45 minute set.  Run through my initial planned set which did have a couple of covers in to draw people in - over 55 minutes.  So I've cut it back - now I'm worrying I'll be a few mins short again!  I've decided against 12string numbers as the repair hasn't delivered the highly playable 12sting I'd hoped for, probably with unrealistic expectation.  However I was reflecting that I have enough material easily now for an hour all original set if I throw everything into the mix - for example I'm not playing any instrumentals on this one at all.  It is a small village fair for St George's Day that they have expanded this year and are billing as a fair and festival.  I notice the headliners are referring to it as a festival so I should do the same... people might be fooled that I'm playing Glastonbury or the like :-)

I seem to keep breaking strings at the moment.  I hope this is just the "it'll be alright on the night" stuff you get pre-gig.  I'm planning to spend some of this evening running through the exact order and getting the timing sorted.  I only have Thursday for another chance of that due to a couple of AA commitments and going to see Paradise Lost at Folkestone on Wednesday with Son-of-Furtheron.

Anyway - deep breaths... it'll be okay...


  1. Best of luck with that! It's always a good feeling to have one or two more numbers than you need.

  2. Well, I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

    Of course it will be okay.

    And....breathe.... ;-)

    x N

  3. Break a leg! I've got a new song of mine coming out on a charity CD next month (Yorcoustic) with a corresponding gig to promote it. Then I've got 4 or 5 of my songs to record for an EP/mini-album.

    1. Good to here JM - good luck with it... er, when you are famous sir, if you ever need a support act you know where to call... :-)

  4. I'm excited for you and I'll be rooting for you from across the pond! Have fun and if possible, post a song or two...I know, I don't ask for much...

  5. my brother was a performer and LOVED the whole experience of " the gig"
    very addictive and satisfying I suspect... break a leg x

  6. just dont freak. be chill, dude. everythings going to be swell!

    anyway, i love your blog! /follows/
    ^ -seedy wink-