Monday, 30 April 2012

Swimathon and Band Jam

Hello - busy weekend... again!

Firstly on Sunday evening Daughter-of-Furtheron and I were in the Swimathon.  I first did this in 1989 and was a regular participant for years, but I haven't done it the last couple of years.  We were both in the 5,000m individual challenge, D-o-F for the first time.  Well we both completed it, both raised our sponsorship targets (but you can add to that if you'd like to!).  D-o-F completed in 1 hour 33min and 37 seconds... hugely impressive and betters my best ever time by a few mins.  I managed 1 hour 56 min 27 seconds - frankly to get under 2 hours was a surprise for me, I'd not trained the last couple of weeks due to the migraine issues and I pulled a muscle about 150 lengths in, I felt it go and the last 50 were difficult, the last 20 utter agony!

Link to my sponsorship page

Secondly I had a band jam with my brother-in-law (on bass) and a friend (on drums) on Saturday evening.  We had a bash through some covers - had a laugh and planned to get together again - you never know this might be the start of a band thing, we'll see.

Last I took today off on holiday from work, I've got the tax form completed and sent off, just as the next one fell through the door - can I do them for harassment do you think?

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