Tuesday, 12 July 2011

There and back again...

I went to Wales over the weekend, to pick my son up. He finished at uni a few weeks back but stayed over so that he could move flat. He has a really lovely bedsit on his own this year. It is super, the only downside being that you need oxygen by the time you reach his landing! Well maybe that is just an indication of how unfit I am these days. I stayed in a pub just a couple of doors along from him and managed to get a cooked breakfast for both of us which was a result. I was lucky on the drive up Friday. It rained all the way pretty much, just as I was on the last stretch up over the Cambrian's into Aberystwyth it started to bucket down, real cloud burst stuff. On the news that night they reported lots of flash floods in mid-Wales and driving back we saw plenty of evidence across the road, I think I was lucky with the timing another hour or so later and I'd have struggled to get through I think.

He had already moved into his flat in a week or so ago but needed to get some utilities etc. all sorted out which was all done. He'd also been out and about visiting his girlfriend who lives up on the north Welsh coast and to a friends in Bath.

It is really great having him home - suddenly the house seems complete again with everyone there - heavy metal blaring from his room as he swallowed up our broadband allowance watching Slipknot live from Sonisphere and my daughter, who I'm sure is deaf, tries to counterpunch with Tiny Temper (spl?) or some such. The fights over who sits in what seat at the table etc. It is great to have them all at home - although we are all still active against timetables, from the comments on Facebook the loud music from said daughters room that she has on about 6:30 to kickstart the day didn't go well with a lad who wants a lay-in... glad I was already getting in the car as I heard it kick off!

Had a few other things to do over the last few days... my daughter has been finally discharged from the orthodontist which has pleased her, been clearing out stuff, largely started by my son clearing out but we've passed on the old "sand pit", green turtle looking thing, that has been in the garden unused for ages giving it to a friend who's daughter has a little one. So no climbing frame or sand pit ... our garden has never looked like this! Mrs F has looked at "swinging chairs"... err... not quite sure we're that over the hill yet!! My Mum and Dad had one about the time Dad retired I remember.

I'm hoping to play at the Nags Head songwriters night on Wed this week so if any of you are in Rochester area please do pop along, it normally is a really great night. All original material and a great mix. Only problem is with the trip to Wales and other stuff I've not rehearsed at all... might be a bit off the cuff this one!


  1. Bugsy* - I've recently joined the local songwiters circle up here: we meet once a month in The Bay Horse and, er, play our songs. It's good fun isn't it? I'm hoping, like you did, to get a few of my originals recorded and put out on a limited edition CD later in the year.

    * sorry, I couldn't help it!

  2. My children want me to get a swinging chair thing, not on your nelly!!!

  3. I love your newsy post! It sounds like a great family. I know what you mean about having young around. I'm glad to have lively grand kids close by . and I hope that you have a good night at the Rochester do.

  4. Wales.

    Where the men are men and the sheep are scared.

    I can say no more.

    Well...actually I can..but it is me after all...;-)

    Why do Welshmen wear wellington boots?

    ...so the sheep can't run away

    oh dear

    I'm so so sorry you know me...;-)