Wednesday, 20 July 2011

First one then the other...

We've reached that time in our lives where we are slowly becoming surplus to requirements as parents. Daughter-of-Furtheron has gone off on her school watersports trip to Spain - apparently they will be working very hard!

She was so excited yesterday as we drove her down to the school and in a noisy dance studio where all the girls with families in tow were gathering the one voice you could hear above all others was... yes Daughter-of-Furtheron! They all got pink t-shirts to wear, which she is proudly showing off in this picture - this is her cool pose by the way! As I write this she be nearly at the place in Spain they are going to after an overnight ferry and coach trip down through France.

As we waved goodbye to her after she'd got on the coach Mrs F was tearful and I was my usual sympathetic self :-) Still it is another milestone. She is back in a weeks time for a few days then off to Turkey with her best pal's family for another holiday! Honestly my kids have it easy... in my day etc. etc. etc.

My son is off to visit his girlfriend at the weekend as well up in North Wales and he'll be going to see Black Country Communion too whilst away lucky thing. So we'll be all alone in the house, just the two of us, no kids... what the hell will we talk about?! This will be preparation for the time not too far away now when we'll no doubt be permanently on our own. Or will we? Son-of-Furtheron has two more years at uni - I know it seems he is on the longest course ever but he is doing a masters in Physics with Space Science and I suppose that does take a bit of learning! I doubt he'll return to the family home once he is done there, his plan is to continue as a PhD student! I don't think he is ever likely to consider a job as an option :-)

One job I have to do this weekend is strip off the wallpaper on the "feature wall" in daughters bedroom so that Mrs F and Son-of-Furtheron can get on with the decorating whilst she is in Turkey. She'll have to put up with a bit of a building site for the few days in between. I've also got to find some time to fit in the wallpaper hanging as that is definitely my job, anyway hopefully it'll all be done before she is back. Once that is done there is little left in the house not recently redecorated - our bedroom out of the major rooms I think!


  1. Ohhh yesss, seems we are in the same life boat and it is sinking fast.

    Such a milestone to see the kiddies grow up and leave the nest so-to-speak, but it is hard when you realize that you are left. Alone.

    Enjoy this precious time together, know that they are safe and having the time of their lives, and live a little too.

    It'll be over before you know it.

  2. "You see much more of your children once they leave home."

    I hope she has the time of her life, and good luck with the decorating - I think you got the raw end of the deal there... ;-)

  3. Lucky her! It sounds like her summer will be a blast!
    Funny, when I first glanced at her picture, I thought how much she looks like a grown up Gabby! (my daughter).

    Enjoy your time to yourselves. :)


  4. Parents arrive at 'destination surplus' around the child's age of 16 or so...apart from financial aid of course..;-)

    Jacqui is in the depths of the Madagascan jungle as I write...since leaving for 'Base Camp II' they only have an emergency radio until next Thursday so I have no idea whether she's ok or not.

    The kids live life and we crap we pay for them to live it!....And why not?...We love em eh?

    I would say your daughter is inordinantly pretty but at my age I'd better not in case I get arrested...;-)

    Cheers old bean and let's have a beer or three soon!!!


  5. We have one of those perpetual students too. YS is hoping to begin a Ph.D. in autumn but not in Swansea! So at least we will get the house to ourselves to rattle around in on our own ...

    I bet D-o-F has a wonderful sleepless time!